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Each of my subliminal videos lasts around five minutes, combining fantastic high-resolution imagery alongside beautifully orchestrated music.

At the center of every video, you’ll find a slow pulsating yellow sun, helping you to focus and gently helping you to relax.

And all the time, MILLIONS of subliminal messages are busily flashing around the screen – each at 1/100th of a second - helping to make positive, deep, long-lasting change in YOUR life!

These are the MOST POWERFUL subliminal videos in the WORLD – and can help influence both your mind and body, in just days!

Have a look at the following nine screenshots from one of our videos. Look at the high-quality, vivid nature of each image - and the powerful symbolism incorporated into each. They look amazing!

Inside The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection, you’ll find FIVE POWERFUL videos covering critical areas of life. Each will POSITIVELY impact your life – from the first day you view them.

The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection includes the following five titles...

Enjoy Amazing Self-Confidence!

Enjoy Amazing Self-Confidence!

Begin enjoying the ultimate in self-confidence, 24 hours a day!

Feel FANTASTIC and self-assured – in absolutely every situation. Walk into a party and instantly connect with the group. Never feel scared again. Become self-empowered, and enjoy the ultimate character traits of the world’s most successful individuals.

Just watch this simple subliminal video – and you’ll be experience awesome self-confidence, in absolute record time!

Become Super-Wealthy & Attract Money!

Become Super-Wealthy & Attract Money!

Enjoy as much cash as you’d like, with this powerful subliminal video!

You’ll never have to worry about finances every again. Start to attract as much money into your life as you’d like. Enjoy being truly financially free – relax more, take more holidays, give up your day job, and begin to ENJOY your life!

Simply hit the “Play” button on this subliminal video – and attract more wealth than you can handle!

Win Friends & Boost Your Social Circle!

Win Friends & Boost Your Social Circle!

Attract fantastic friendships – and become the socialite of your town!

Begin enjoying a brand new group of loyal, caring friends. Become the approachable, entertaining friend that EVERYBODY wants to be around. You’ll naturally become more popular, charismatic, and respected. Your social circle will grow ten-fold!

All you need to do it watch this subliminal video – and sit back as your friendships rocket!

Attract Love & Your Soul Mate!

Attract Love & Your Soul Mate!

Experience the ultimate in love – by attracting your soul mate!

Start to enjoy that fantastic feeling of being in love once again. Begin to feel more open to new experiences, and more loving toward the whole world. Feel sexy, confident, happy and free – while attracting the perfect partner for you right now.

And all you have to do is relax as you watch this subliminal video – and attract more love into your life!

Rocket Your Business Success!

Rocket Your Business Success!

Achieve fantastic success in your business and career, starting TODAY!

Make the right decisions at the right time. Boost your income. Connect with the perfect people for you. Achieve your goals. Become a better leader. Rocket your career. Become the ultimate entrepreneur.

Just sit back and relax while watching this subliminal video – and watch your business skills explode toward new heights!

Play these fantastic, high-def files direct on any PC, Mac, iPod or any High Def Home Theater system for a DEEP and Incredibly AMAZING experience!

I Want YOU To Enjoy The BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE With Subliminal Videos So . . . Here Are 15 MORE For FREE!

I’ve created a further FIFTEEN "subliminal video shorts", each containing MILLIONS of subliminal messages - all mixed with fantastic themed imagery and individual orchestral music tracks.

And they’re ALL YOURS, absolutely FREE of charge – when you decide to try out The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection.

That means in addition to the five main videos, you’ll also receive these exciting subliminal videos:

Be HAPPY, 24/7

Be HAPPY, 24/7-

Happiness is our ultimate goal. And with this powerful video, you’ll enjoy being on a permanent, all-natural life high! You’ll feel fantastic, no matter what life throws at you. Enjoy more!
Achieve RADIANT Health

Achieve RADIANT Health -

Become super healthy! Let your subconscious mind influence your body, so you can enjoy wonderful health and immunity from disease. Feel GREAT in your healthy body and get on with life!
100% Self-BELIEF!

100% Self-BELIEF!

Feel self-assured in every situation! Learn to believe in yourself, your talents, and your opinions. Enjoy greater self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence. Watch your luck change, as you start to BELIEVE in yourself!
Develop Super-Star CHARISMA!

Develop Super-Star CHARISMA! –

Be the life and soul of every party! Become the ‘People Person’ that everyone is magnetically drawn toward. Ooze charm, wit, personality and SUCCESS – with your own unique brand of charisma.
Enjoy Magical INTUITION

Enjoy Magical INTUITION –

Discover your inner SIXTH SENSE! Learn to trust your gut instincts, and get a real “feeling” for the truth. Make the right choices over and over again, when you begin to rediscover your own true intuition!
Enjoy GENIUS IQ Levels

Enjoy GENIUS IQ Levels –

Enjoy having a super-fast, wonderfully intelligent mind! Let your brain amaze you with it’s capabilities. Become quick-witted. A walking calculator. A talking dictionary. Watch your IQ rocket, GENIUS-STYLE!
Become Super-CREATIVE!

Become Super-CREATIVE! -

Be amazed as your creativity levels shoot through the ROOF! Come up with creative solutions to even the most complex of problems. Enjoy inspiration-on-demand, and an awesome imagination. Boast 100% creativity!


Learn to confidently say what’s on your mind! Stop saying “Yes” when you mean “No” – and “No” when you mean “Yes.” STAND UP up for what you believe, trust your decisions, and become more self-empowered!


Uncover your TRUE PATH in life! Find out your real calling – and have the confidence and conviction to follow it through. Become more motivated and find true meaning in everything you do!
Look Absolutely AMAZING

Look Absolutely AMAZING –

Turn heads and look FANTASTIC! Use the power of subliminals to change your physical body, helping you enjoy perfect skin, bright eyes, brilliant hair, wonderful features... stylish, slender and sexy!
Lose Weight FAST!

Lose Weight FAST! –

Watch the pounds simply FALL OFF! Begin the short journey to enjoying a perfect body, at your ideal weight. Feel great as your figure improves and you become more toned. Look fantastic – quickly!
Reverse Ageing NOW!

Reverse Ageing NOW! –

Stop ageing and start to look YOUNGER again! Enjoy beautiful, porcelain skin, and a fantastic outlook on life – feel younger, more vibrant, and youthful again. Become 25 once more – today!


Get yourself into GREAT shape, with minimum effort! Let your subconscious mind help shape your body for you – toning your muscles, increasing energy levels, improving your athleticism. Be fit today!
LIVE Your Life Dream!

LIVE Your Life Dream! -

Start living the life you always dreamed of! Begin to visualize your true life dream, and take the steps toward making it a reality. Move closer to your ideal, successful life – and achieve your goals, NOW!
Work Smarter!

Work Smarter! -

Don’t work harder! Work smarter, get more done, and be more successful! Become super-efficient, manage your time better, find smart automated solutions, learn quicker, become more organized & more!
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